The Digital Equivalent of Reading Body Language

Let’s assume that one walks into a store. And in that store, there’s a salesperson that can look at the customer and detect whether the customer is in a hurry, came with a friend, is finding what he or she is looking for, etc. Now, let’s move on to the digital world. That salesperson is now an e-commerce site. And that gut feeling going on intuition going on astuteness is now powered by Clicktale.


The ‘experience analytics for enterprises company’ was established in 2006 in Israel. It has raised $55 million since inception, with its last round – a $35M Series C – taking place in 2015. It enjoys a noteworthy list of insurance customers including Allianz, American Family, Intact, MetLife, Suncorp and more. “What Clicktale’s software does is to look at the user’s body language, in other words, the movements of his mouse, how he moves his smartphone and his finger on his smartphone’s screen, and so on. It creates a digital body language, or to use the technical term, digital behavior language” – CEO Tuval Chomut said in an interview with Globes. Bottom Line: “In a world in which loyalty to a brand is waning, the user experience is becoming more and more significant. It’s actually the only currency” .