The Hartford launches new product offerings

The Hartford is launching enhanced versions of its proprietary Property Choice and General Liability Choice products to further serve the needs of its business customers across a broad range of industries and account sizes. The updated product offerings provide maximum flexibility setting limits, and terms and conditions, enabling a customizable solution, scalability, increased speed to market and less paperwork.

Property Choice now includes more than 30 new, specialized coverage forms that broaden protections and close coverage gaps. Many of these are specific to target industries covering exposures unique to those industries and allow businesses to only pay for coverages they need.

The enhanced General Liability Choice product provides built-in coverages that incorporate many enhancements competitors only provide via industry endorsements such as incidental medical malpractice, waiver of subrogation, and unintentional failure to disclose. Our General Liability offering includes an expansive product suite consisting of more than 2,800 admitted coverage forms.

“Our distribution partners and customers spoke, and we listened. Customizable coverage is now easier than ever with our enhanced Property Choice and General Liability Choice products. These offerings are a solution for the lower end of middle market all the way up through larger, guaranteed cost accounts. Combine this with our deep specialization in underwriting, claims and risk engineering services, and doing business with The Hartford has become more efficient and convenient for a variety of industries and exposures.” – The Hartford’s head of Middle & Large Commercial Mo Tooker.