The Hartford Partners with Mimecast

The Hartford has partnered with email and data security company Mimecast to offer Mimecast Awareness Training services to help its customers reduce the risk of a cybersecurity incident before it occurs. The Mimecast Awareness Training incorporates “some humor” into the content to help employers educate their employees about topics such as ransomware, phishing, wire fraud, password hygiene and more. The training includes video content as well as real-world phishing simulations and remediation for employees.

The training is available at no charge to select customers who have The Hartford’s CyberChoice First Response Policy SM and is available at a 20% discount to any other policyholder of The Hartford.

“Cyberattacks continue to evolve and are becoming more sophisticated. Increasingly, employees are targets of complex phishing and social engineering attempts and may inadvertently cause damage by responding to an email that looked real to them. Staying on top of these trends and providing employees with the knowledge to identify these types of threats can go a long way in protecting a business from ransomware, a cyber crime or a data breach.” – The Hartford’s head of cyber underwriting Tim Marlin.

“While having technology-based cybersecurity solutions in place is critical, organizations must also educate their last line of defense – their employees. We are proud to partner with The Hartford to help their customers manage their business risk and extend our mission of helping customers become more cyber resilient.” – Michael Madon, senior vice president of security awareness products at Mimecast.