The Insurtech Innovation Pool

Hannover Re announced the launch of hr | equarium – “an innovation pool” exclusive to Hannover Re’s global network of insurance clients which facilitates connections with innovative insurtech partners.



The platform provides access to a range of solutions across the value chain, “propelling the insurance industry forward” by making it easier to find and implement new technologies. The platform features companies that offer different solutions and services for insurance companies, case studies on specific solutions, and ratings of the solutions by the community. For example, the platform showcases Sureify’s Lifetime Platform in a dedicated page that includes a description of the solution, companies that use the service, and other relevant information such as company links and docs that can be downloaded.



“We bridge the gap between insurtechs and insurers, because currently the industry has a matching problem. It’s difficult for insurers to uncover and select the right solutions. We not only make it simpler to identify the technologies that will add the most value to an insurer’s business, but we and the platform community can rate these solutions and quantify their impact, so clients can be confident in approaching them. On the other side, new technology providers can struggle to get their foot in the door with insurance firms, or to position their solutions in a way that really resonates. We help our select community of insurtech partners to refine their value propositions, and we offer the strength of our global footprint and trusted reputation in the market.” – Member of the executive board, Hannover Re, Claude Chèvre.