The risk & safety digital assistant

Meet Safe-esteem , “the personal safety barometer.”

Founded in 2019 and led by Filippo Marino and Van Wilberding, who have experience in the risk mitigation and intelligence fields, the company’s “patented technology combines artificial and human intelligence, big data analytics and advanced personalization” to empower any smartphone user with a real-time risk & safety scores across the domains of health, accidents and crime.

The company’s solutions include a mobile app aimed at the general consumer, a web app for travel risk and protective intelligence professionals, and an enterprise solution for human capital risk management. Some of the features include real-time scores and insights about one’s risks and safety, alerts and notifications when circumstances cause a significant change in scores, ability to follow and compare scores with friends, family members or peer groups locally or globally, and learning what activities, locations or circumstances affect safety and security.

Bottom Line: In private beta.