Tinubu Square announces its first corporate acquisition in the US

Tinubu Square , a Paris-based provider of enterprise software solutions to Credit and Surety Insurers, has announced its acquisition of eSURETY .

Established in 1998, eSURETY is a Florida-based company providing cloud-based surety solutions in the areas of automated underwriting, account risk analysis, bond lifecycle management, and surety analytics.

“By combining expertise and resources with eSURETY, Tinubu Square Group provides its end-to-end solutions to 30 of the top 60 credit and surety underwriters. This is a major step toward continuing our goal as the leading industry standard of excellence. Indeed, our clients are the source for innovation and permanent improvements and contribute to our technology roadmap and functional enhancement. Dan Buckles and his eSURETY team share our values of delivery excellence, reliability, and customer centricity.” – Jérôme Pezé, Tinubu Square Group, founder and CEO.