Toyota Collaborates With MS&AD to Develop UBI in Japan

Toyota and the MS&AD Insurance Group’s Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance have jointly developed Japan’s first driving behavior-based telematics automobile insurance called Toyota “Tsunagaru” (Connected) Car Insurance Plan . The plan is available to owners of certain units of Toyota connected cars, and uses driving data gathered via telematics technologies to adjust insurance premiums based on the level of safe driving every month.

Also, under this new plan up to 80% of usage-based insurance premiums can be discounted. Aside from discounts, additional services under the categories of “enjoyment,” “benefits,” and “safeguards” will be offered.

Toyota "Tsunagaru" Car Insurance Plan: Service structure


Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance is a pioneer of telematics automobile insurance in Japan. In 2004, the company launched a distance-based automobile insurance that utilized Toyota’s telematics technologies. In March 2015, it purchased Box Innovation Group Limited (BIG), a major UK telematics insurance company, and has taken advantage of its newly acquired knowhow to research and develop the latest telematics automobile insurance and services.

Bottom Line: the plan will be available starting January 15, 2018.