Transamerica introduces new way to digitally notarize documents

Transamerica has just announced that they are partnering up with online notarization startup Notarize to offer a fresh way to notarize documents.

The new capability will enable customers to receive a link to a custom landing page to create an account and upload forms using any computer, Apple, or Android device with video and audio capabilities. From there, clients will be able to upload any necessary forms. Following the upload process, users are then joined by a virtual notary where they’ll engage in a multi-factor authentication process. This process consists of a video capture of their ID, as well as dynamic knowledge-based assessment to verify customer identity. Once all the documents are completed and signed, Notarize submits them to Transamerica for approval.

“Consumers are searching for more options to complete transactions, which is why Transamerica and Notarize are collaborating to effectively streamline the notary process,” said Kent Callahan, CEO of Workplace Solutions for Transamerica. “By implementing this new platform, we provide customers with a safe, secure, and fully electronic way to notarize transactions.”

“Transamerica was ahead of the curve and leveraged Notarize to fully digitize their product experiences so customers could keep life and business moving forward, especially during the pandemic,” said Pat Kinsel, Notarize CEO. “Across all industries, consumers demand technology to simplify and speed up their experiences, and Transamerica met them in this moment by quickly deploying Notarize’s best-in-class online notarization product to give them a convenient and secure solution when they needed it most.”