Transamerica Ventures invests in Everplans

NY-based online estate and legacy planning platform, Everplans, has secured $6.4 million in a Series A funding round led by NYC-based venture fund Mousse Partners, bringing its total funding to date to $9.16 million. Other investors include Transamerica Ventures and RGAx. On the subject of wills, UK-based Beagle Street Life Insurance offers every new customer free Will and Trust Services. The same Beagle Street that once sponsored an exhibition at The Dinosaur Museum with a placard stating: “Independent Financial Advisers were a complex group of animals that first appeared in the pre-internet age. They were the dominant terrestrial financial advisers in a world where financial products were so complicated an entire industry was created just to explain them. The birth of Beagle Street, an online life insurance company, that offered simple, friendly and affordable service led to the extinction of most Independent Financial Advisors by the end of 2014.” British Humour.