Travelers enhances Traverse app with image recognition

Travelers announced that it has enhanced the ability to purchase its online personal insurance product, Traverse, with a mobile app utilizing image recognition. Through this upgrade, customers can purchase a policy in under a minute by using their smartphone to take a photo of the item they wish to insure and answering a few simple questions.

Traverse offers coverage options for a range of items, including laptops, mobile phones, musical instruments and jewelry, as well as personal liability, which can serve as an alternative to renters insurance. The entire process, from receiving a quote to filing a claim, can be done online or by phone. The app also lets users access a rewards program where they can refer friends to learn more about Traverse and complete other challenges to earn points, which are redeemable for gift cards.

“Insuring your belongings is now as easy as taking a selfie. By providing the ability to upload an image during the quoting process, we are simplifying the steps for purchasing an insurance policy and allowing customers to protect their belongings more quickly than ever before.” – Beth Maerz, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience and Innovation at Travelers.

Bottom Line: third time’s a charm.