Travelers introduces AI-based ergonomic assessments

Travelers , which generated revenues of approximately $32 billion in 2019, announced that it is the first insurance carrier to offer business customers virtual and on-site ergonomic assessments using artificial intelligence. The new offer combines AI-based technology and ergonomic research to quickly analyze a smartphone video of a worker performing a task and identify movements and postures that could cause injuries. The software then quantifies the risk and produces a report that assists a Travelers ergonomics professional in developing consultative solutions that help keep workers safe.

“Musculoskeletal injuries, often caused by poor ergonomics or workstation design, can lead to serious health issues that can impair an employee’s ability to perform certain tasks or require them to take time off to recover. By using AI, we can reduce the time spent assessing problems from days to hours, enabling our specialists to focus their attention on developing tailored workplace improvements for our customers.” – Marty Henry, Senior Vice President of Risk Control at Travelers.

“We understand our customers’ concerns with offering visitors access to their locations during this challenging period. Enhancing our existing virtual option to enable remote ergonomic assessments using smartphone video is another innovative way that we are helping our customers maintain high levels of safety as we all operate differently.” – Mary Ellen Ausenbaugh, Technical Director of Human Factors and Ergonomics at Travelers.