Travelers introduces Global Companion Plus+

Travelers announced the launch of Global Companion Plus+ which builds upon the company’s broad property and casualty offerings for US firms with foreign exposures.

Features of Global Companion Plus+ include:

  • Primary Foreign Voluntary Workers Compensation: Protects employees who are working outside of their home countries.
  • Financial Interest: Provides a separate $1 million limit for US-based companies as an extra layer of protection when an eligible foreign subsidiary suffers a covered loss.
  • Global Panel Counsel Service: Helps businesses in need of legal assistance abroad find in-country representation experienced in local regulations and languages.
  • Emergency EvacuationCoverage: Offsets the cost of employees who must evacuate while abroad. This now includes coverage for natural disasters, political unrest and endemic disease.

“Even if a business does not have a physical foreign footprint, having international customers, worldwide vendors or employees who occasionally travel to different countries could create exposures that may not be covered by a typical domestic business insurance policy. We have updated our Global Companion Plus+ product to include a more robust offering that fills coverage gaps for our customers who could experience claims or lawsuits outside of the US.” – Vice President of the Multinational Accounts Practice at Travelers, Tony Giannone.