Trupanion launches zero-deductible pet insurance in Florida

Trupanion, the largest contributor to the pet insurance industry’s growth in North America, has launched a “zero-deductible” pet insurance plan in Florida.

Trupanion  is proud to debut our new plan in the Sunshine State. Florida residents will have the first chance to experience our new product that includes more benefits, more transparency, and more financial flexibility. Because your pet deserves nothing less than the best.”

Plan benefits include zero deductible as customers can choose the percentage of the covered costs they’d like the insurer to pay (anywhere between 50% and 100%). There’s a single plan to choose from and, in addition to coverage from the unexpected, customers have no annual or lifetime payout limits or deductibles.

Last, “just for Florida residents”, Trupanion’s core plan includes treatments like hydrotherapy, rehabilitative therapy, and chiropractic care.