UDoTest Partners with Zenefits to Provide COVID-19 Testing with Payroll

BOSTON, MASS. – July 16, 2020 – UDoTest, a Massachusetts-based software company focused on B2B, at-home, health screening, today announced a partnership with Zenefits to offer small and mid-sized employers access to UDoTest’s fast, reliable, Employer Coronavirus testing service.

Via this partnership, Zenefits, a leading provider of human resources (HR) software which streamlines workflows by connecting human resources (HR), benefits, payroll, and scheduling on a single platform, is helping small businesses safely get employees back to work. The UDoTest Employer Coronavirus testing service enables the employers to work toward reducing the spread of the infection and risk of liability by providing convenient access to tests, at home or on-site, with faster turnaround times for more relevant results.

“We think it’s very innovative, and helpful, for a company like Zenefits to offer easier, faster, more reliable COVID testing to their clients,” said Allison Martin, CEO of UDoTest. “We are very happy to be able to provide this service to Zenefits and look forward to working with them going forward.”

Designed to personalize at-home lab testing, UDoTest’s B2B lab testing software enables companies to screen employees, partners, and other stakeholders for up to 78 diseases, including COVID-19 or Coronavirus, in the home. During the ongoing pandemic, UDoTest is working with more than 15 nationally-verified labs to offer a high volume of both clinician-collected and self-collected FDA EUA Authorized COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) virus tests and antibody tests.

“This partnership will help us work toward lowering the liability risk for our customers, while also empowering them to decide whether —and when— a return to work is viable for any given employee,” said Andrea Shannon, senior director of business development at Zenefits.

Utilizing the UDoTest platform, companies can gain access to confidential, PCR virus test and antibody test results for employees via a HIPAA-compliant secure, private portal and proprietary tools. UDoTest’s tools can uniquely quality-check, search, and identify labs with testing capacity at the time of ordering, thereby improving typical turnaround times which have proven to be a significant problem.

UDoTest originally launched the Coronavirus testing service for large physician networks and now is serving employers in the wellness, manufacturing, hospitality, software, and transportation industries.

To learn more about UDoTest’s employer testing platform, please visit https://coronaviruslabtests.com/ or https://www.udotest.live/employermain/

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About UDoTest

UDoTest is a globally award-winning B2B at-home, health screening software platform designed to personalize self-collection at-home lab-testing experiences. UDoTest has primarily been working with health plans, labs and physicians in the United States. In partnership with many labs and state-licensed physicians, UDoTest can screen for 78 diseases in the home. UDoTest has implemented a rigorous 20+ quality control labs testing procedure for COVID. UDoTest was founded in 2013 in South Africa by Allison Martin when she introduced the first “At-home Pap smear” to women. Allison is an altruistic millennial entrepreneur who believes in empowering people, and a better future for all with proactive, personalized and affordable healthcare. She’s is a leader with an unapologetic obsession with HPV, cervical cancer and saving lives. For more information, visit www.udotest.com

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