UrbanSitter chooses Collective Go to help facilitate safer childcare for families

UrbanSitter, an online and mobile service that enables parents and caregivers to connect through people they know, announced it would roll out Collective Go, Collective Health’s comprehensive solution for COVID-19 screening, testing, and monitoring. By partnering with Collective Health and adopting Collective Go, UrbanSitter aims to help thousands of sitters return to work faster, increasing childcare support while enabling testing and daily symptom checks, providing greater peace of mind for working families and parents across the country.

“We’re thrilled to bring some much-needed relief to parents throughout the U.S., who’ve had to rebalance work and home life since shelter-in-place restrictions began. It was essential to find a solution inline with our values, and when parents and children are your customers, safety and security are of the utmost importance. Collective Go’s evidence-based product enables both parents and sitters to make more informed decisions about whom they choose to book for childcare.” – Lynn Perkins, CEO and co-founder of UrbanSitter.

UrbanSitter has been exploring ways to help families and facilitate safer return to work for sitters, ultimately choosing Collective Go for its scientific and data-driven approach. Backing the entire experience is the Collective Go Protocol. This living, peer reviewed and evidence-based protocol, identifies external factors and determines a series of necessary measures including frequency of testing, daily risk screening, and compliance monitoring to help reduce risk.

Helping America return to work

As the American economy looks to recover from the disruption caused by COVID-19, research shows that childcare support is a critical factor in helping people return to work. Data from the 2019 U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics shows 98% of American families have at least one employed parent and 64% have both parents employed1. In fact, in a recent survey of nearly 500 U.S. parents, UrbanSitter found:

  1. 70% find working at home with kids difficult
  2. 21% say current conditions have made them more likely to quit their job
  3. Only 13% of parents said they would feel comfortable sending their children to a daycare facility right now and instead their top choice would be a sitter/nanny who works only with their family

“As a physician and a father, I fully understand the challenges of working while sheltering in place, as well as the desire to do everything necessary to keep your family safe. While we all search to find balance and a new normal, whether sitter and parent, an educator, employer, or employee, we need adaptable solutions based on the latest scientific evidence to help reduce risk.” – Dr. Rajaie Batniji, Collective Health’s co-founder and chief health officer.

Collective Go for UrbanSitter

Starting on July 17, UrbanSitter will offer Collective Go to both caregivers and parents. Members will have the opportunity to purchase a Collective Go plan through UrbanSitter. The product provides both parents and sitters support for symptom screening, uploading their test results, and will certify their compliance with the testing protocol. Once purchased, members can easily download the Collective Go app to get started.

Parents already back at work or those resuming normal routines can find sitters who have purchased Collective Go, via a badge on their sitter profile. The badge signifies that sitters have enrolled in the program. Once enrolled in Collective Go through UrbanSitter, to activate their Compliance Certificate, users are asked to fill out a daily symptom checklist and upload their COVID-19 test results. Before working together, families and sitters can ask to see each other’s active Compliance Certificate in the Collective Go app.

“By adopting Collective Go, UrbanSitter aims to give working families the support they need, which has never been more important than now,” said Perkins.

For more information visit: urbansitter.com/collectivego