US Group Insurance

Back in the day when top hats were the height of fashion‭, ‬Edward B‭. ‬Morris from Travelers had an insightful take on group insurance‭, ‬calling it a philanthropic measure in 1917‭. ‬Fast forward to about 18‭ ‬months ago‭, ‬Pacific Life threw its hat into the ring of workplace benefits‭. ‬The question is‭ – ‬Why‭?‬

For starters‭, ‬consider the over 161‭ ‬million American workers who make up the working population‬ـ‭ ‬ a significant market for Pacific Life’s expansion‭. ‬But the total addressable market is never as addressable as one might initially assume‭, ‬often being constrained by‭ ‬various factors such as competition‭, ‬regulatory hurdles‭, ‬and customer preferences‭. ‬This report will explore what is tried and true and what is hip and new in the group insurance sector‭.‬

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