USAA annuities available through Fidelity Investments

As the population of retirees grows, so does the need for high quality, highly competitive retirement income products. Annuities can be an important part of a retirement plan, giving owners the ability to generate guaranteed lifetime income and can help reduce the risk of outliving their money.

USAA Life Insurance Company offers a suite of annuity products to support our members planning for and living in retirement. To further expand the accessibility and awareness of USAA retirement solutions, USAA Life Insurance Company is working with retirement planning leader Fidelity Investments® (Fidelity) to begin offering USAA annuities through the Fidelity Insurance Network® later this year.

“This is an exciting opportunity to expand our annuity business with an industry leader,” says Bill White, vice president and general manager, retirement products. “This growth will help sustain and further improve the outstanding competitiveness for members who come to USAA for advice, life insurance, annuities and health solutions.”

As one of the featured options of Fidelity’s retirement planning solutions, USAA will become only the sixth distributor on The Fidelity Insurance Network, making USAA’s highly competitive annuity products available to consumers who previously may not have looked to USAA for their retirement income needs.

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