USAA introduces crash detection technology

USAA is integrating crash detection technology into its SafePilot app, which has generated more than 36,000 crash notifications since its November 2021 launch.

The technology leverages smartphone sensors within the app to detect a possible collision and prompts the member to verify if an accident has occurred. Once verified, the app immediately offers helpful information, including safety guidance for the accident scene, the option to file a claim via a streamlined process, or the ability to dial 911 directly from the app.

The news comes as OnStar , the in-vehicle safety and security system from General Motors, is now a required option on specific models as the end product picked up by the GM owner may likely be a combo of insurance – via OnStar Insurance Services – alongside safety features such as GM’s Automatic Crash Response.

“Ultimately this comes down to making sure our members are safe and helping them get back on their feet faster. We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to make our members’ lives easier, something that USAA has been focused on for over 100 years. By using telematics and crash detection technology, we can provide a more seamless member experience and faster resolution to claims.” – Luke Harris, USAA’s Vice President of Innovation.