USAA Life partners with Human API

USAA Life Insurance Company is working with Human API to expand the use of digital health data in the life insurance underwriting process through its implementation of Human API’s Health Intelligence Platform, including its patient portal network, HIPAA-authorized networks, and APS retrieval services.

The Human API platform connects to 30,000+ data sources in the US, including EHR networks, HIEs, provider networks and more, providing digital health data access for over 13 million USAA members.

“Human API’s platform further expands our ability to provide our members the best experience buying life insurance. We were the first company to use digital health data and are continually looking for ways to improve our processes—including increasing the percentage of medical records we can receive digitally, which cuts down on the time that it takes to get life insurance coverage.” – Chris Flint, senior vice president and general manager, life insurance at USAA Life.