Valani Global acquires MSA Research

Valani Global, an actuarial modeling and financial reporting, added MSA Research to its group.

Joel Baker, CEO of MSA, highlighted the combined strengths in market presence and expertise in life and health insurance sectors, particularly in IFRS-17 capabilities. Valani Global, which also recently incorporated P&C actuarial firm JSCP (Joe S. Cheng and Partners), boasts a skilled team of 38 actuarial professionals, including 29 fully qualified actuaries and 8 associates.

Nazir Valani, Founder of Valani Global, sees this integration as a step in consolidating the firm’s position as a comprehensive provider of actuarial services.

MSA Research, established in 2003, is an independent research firm in Canada’s insurance market, offering financial data and hosting key industry events like The National Insurance Conference of Canada (NICC) and InsurTech North.

MSA serves a wide range of clients, including most of Canada’s P&C insurers, global reinsurers, life insurance companies, and various industry-related bodies and firms. This acquisition by Valani Global marks a strategic enhancement in its service offering, merging MSA’s capabilities with those of JSCP, to provide superior actuarial solutions and maintain a focus on innovation, client objectives, and risk and scope management.