Verisk to Leverage Human API’s E-Health Record Data

Verisk and Human API have announced plans to work together on Verisk’s new insurtech tools. Leveraging electronic health record (EHR) data collected by Human API, Verisk’s solutions will help revolutionize how life insurers underwrite coverage and manage in-force portfolios.

As part of the effort, Verisk will analyze EHR data obtained by Human API and produce risk scoring and benchmarking information for life insurers. Insurers will be able to use Verisk’s analytic tools to help underwrite policies and manage portfolio risk with greater speed and accuracy and improve service for the growing number of consumers who choose to share their electronic health data.

“The underwriting process for life insurance is often time-consuming and invasive for consumers seeking coverage. But access to electronic health record data can dramatically enhance the experience for insurers and their potential customers. We’re excited to work with Verisk on solutions that will provide more actionable information that life insurers need to make underwriting decisions faster than ever.” – Andrei Pop, CEO of Human API.

“The growth of electronic health records and patient portals has increased significantly in recent years, opening the door for innovative data-driven approaches to life insurance underwriting and a potentially faster and simpler buying experience for consumers. We look forward to working with Human API in connection with our efforts to develop a new model for life insurers that will leverage artificial intelligence and help them refine risk estimation, improve underwriting assessment, and enhance their portfolios.” – Nick Irwin, director of life insurance solutions at Verisk.