[Video] Coverager Calls Out Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer Before It Does


Progressive announced the launch of a new site called HomeQuote Explorer. Keyword: HomeQuote. Think: a platform that a user can access by indicating on progressive.com that he/she is interested in a homeowner’s insurance quote. The site is powered by Bolt Solutions and is meant to act as a comparative rater. Have a look:


Three things to note. One. When a user indicates interest in renters insurance it is redirected from progressive.com to this 1999 UI:


As you can see, renters insurance is offered via Homesite that’s part of the AmFam family. Two. This new tool is a tactic by Progressive that has been deployed before in auto insurance, where the insurer tries to grow its book of “Robinsons” – that’s Progressive talk for multi-insurance product customers. Three. Coverager already made reference to this new tool earlier this month. We will leave you with this…because Progressive wants to know.