VIU by HUB partners with Unison

Digital insurance broker VIU by HUB announced a partnership with home equity sharing company Unison.

Founded in 2004, Unison gives homeowners an alternative to traditional home equity loans by converting a portion of their existing home equity to cash without monthly payments. The company then shares the gains if the home goes up in value.

Unison operates in 30 states and has attracted over 10,000 customers.

“Making insurance simpler to understand, compare and shop for provides homeowners with more security and peace of mind as they navigate the changing housing market. We look forward to bringing choice and added value to our customers.” – Thomas Sponholtz, CEO of Unison.

“Too often we hear about homeowners who only look at their insurance policies when purchasing a new home. That’s a miss as constantly changing dynamics in the housing market may impact the kind of coverage you need,” said Bryan Davis, EVP and Head of VIU. “By merging technology and human expertise, VIU helps homeowners manage their insurance policies easily so they can be more aware of their needs and confident the right coverage is always in place.”