Way of Life: Observations on the Life Insurance Market

The title of our newsletter sent on November 9th 2021 was Life is Hard. In it, we referenced that Lemonade decided to re-allocate marketing dollars from its life insurance unit to its European business, implying bad news for Bestow, its life insurance underwriter. 

Recent events exemplify this old adage: Philip Morris shut down Reviti shortly after completely overhauling the brand’s look and feel (reported on January 4th, 2022), Quotacy, a digital life insurance intermediary and a former Haven Life partner, and its parent company Hallett Financial Group, were acquired by Highland Capital Brokerage for an undisclosed sum (reported on January 10th, 2022), and another life insurance intermediary, Fabric, was acquired by Western & Southern (reported on January 12th, 2022).

With recent events in mind, this research report begins by defining the modern life insurance landscape in the US, then goes on to reveal exclusive details about Tomorrow and Fabric’s acquisitions, as well as some previously undisclosed findings.

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