Web-First Brand Quip Now Available Offline

Brooklyn-based Quip has announced it will sell its American Dental Association accepted electric toothbrush starter sets at Target.



With a focus on maximizing the health benefits of Quip’s ongoing oral care services, Quip electric toothbrush starter sets will be sold at Target, with refill packs and subscription plans available exclusively on getquip.com, offering consumers a true omni-channel experience. After purchasing a starter set at Target, customers will be directed to Quip’s website, where they can learn the health, cost and convenience benefits of a Quip subscription. Subscription plans include automatic delivery of a fresh brush head refill on a dentist-recommended 3-month schedule to ensure your brush stays hygienic and effective at cleaning, optional anticavity toothpaste, a warranty that covers Quip for the life of the plan, and ongoing oral health education, reminders, rewards and support.


Quip’s entry into Target marks their latest move to expand their healthcare offerings. Established in 2014, it recently passed the one million user milestone.


Bottom Line: following Casper, which also distributes its mattresses through Target (its partner and backer.)