Websites Don’t Mean $#!&…


… or so I thought. You see, when I started Boost I figured what’s under the hood is all that matters.

Websites are the sizzle. Anyone can do that.

Execution and tech are the steak. You can’t fake that part.

Then a few things started happening that showed me how naive that was.

First, it was the questions. 

 “Hey Alex — what exactly does your company do? I can’t tell much from the website…” (Let’s have 15 intro calls to explain)

“Are you an accelerator or something?” (No, we just like working with startups)

“Can we just license your policy admin system?” (No, we’re not a SaaS company)

“You must really like purple and orange.” (I hate both)

Okay the last one wasn’t a question, but it’s the truth. I absolutely hate the colors purple and orange, so that should show you how little I was focused on our website. We were eager to get started on building the business, but it was still a rookie move.

Not investing more in our website meant it was failing to do our business justice and —  worse — we were needlessly handicapping it.

Second, the knockoffs. I think we’ve had something like ten copycats announce themselves since we started doing our thing. Their names don’t matter because they took the opposite approach — all sizzle and no steak. Rolexes on Canal Street.

Most people know what we do by now, but we’re super proud of what we’ve built and want to show it off. It’s time to treat ourselves to a little sizzle of our own…

Introducing Our Brand Spanking New Website

Click here! Do it. You know you want to. But then come back because you need to read the rest!

Visual Brand Refresh

New logo! New colors! No purple or orange!

API Docs (

Yeah, real ones. Not a “Request Access” button.

Is this sizzle? Hell no. There are literally tens of thousands of lines of code behind these docs. Remember, steak before sizzle.

This is just the foundation too. We’re not even close to done rolling these out, so keep checking in for updates.

Digital Platforms Channel + Insurtech Startup Channel

Okay, so maybe we were hiding this one on purpose a tiny bit.

Insurtech startups are still, and always will be, a critical focus for us. We will be rolling out programs for a number of them in the coming months, in addition to the ones we’ve already launched and will announce soon (teaser alert!).

However, this company was built because the way insurance will be purchased and the products that need to be offered has fundamentally changed.

Here’s our core thesis:

Insurance is best sold alongside or behind a complementary product or service which creates a more natural and user friendly point-of-sale. The modern faces of insurance distribution are digitally-enabled brands offering the products and services that work in the modern world. Plugging into Boost allows them to sell insurance that does the same — which is why we’re going to be the insurance platform that powers them all.

Insurtech startups do an excellent job at executing on this thesis, but so can a lot of other technology companies — fintech, e-commerce, mobility, crypto, gig economy, you name it.

Insurance is a natural adjacency that they could and should be monetizing by offering modern white-labeled insurance products to their customers. They have data or sell products or services that either complement insurance or create new insurable risks that are manageable with a creative and tech-enabled insurance company.

This applies to insurance brokers and agencies too, by the way. Startups and technology companies are absolutely not the only source of innovative insurance concepts. Not all insurance can be sold by websites and chat bots either, but any company or human that sells insurance should be digitally-enabled. They need the same tech-enabled insurance company that an insurtech startup or e-scooter operator needs to power their programs.

I’m not going to say that we’re that tech-enabled insurance company (because I’m not allowed to* and we’re also equal parts tech), but I think you know what I’m getting at. We’re working with all of the above to power the future of insurance.

Stay tuned for a few more fun announcements over the next few weeks, months, and beyond.

Until then, I’ll try not to let a year go by before I post again. 😉


Oh and we’re hiring! Click here to join the party.



*Boost Insurance Agency, Inc. (“Boost”) is a licensed Property & Casualty (“P&C”) insurance producer in the states where it transacts insurance. P&C insurance coverage, on admitted or non-admitted basis, is available only to insureds in those states where Boost is licensed to transact insurance as a producer and holds a valid company appointment. All coverages are subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions. Boost may act as a general agent for one or more insurance carriers. In some circumstances, some insurers with whom Boost may produce business may not be licensed by, or subject to the supervision of, the states where they transact insurance. An insurance policy issued by any such non-admitted insurer is not subject to many of the rate and policy form regulations.

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