What Happens When a Stealthy Startup Partners With Sanlam, Gen Re and Munich Re?

Meet Indie. It’s David. And it’s Goliath. Small yet colossal, nimble and glacial. It aims to build a place where people can come to make their financial lives easy, intuitive and enriching; so that they can spend their time on the things that really matter most to them: family, friends, adventure and fun. In plain English, Indie is a South African startup launched on September 1st to offer life insurance with a twist. Specifically, these are the products it offers:

Indie Preserve – If one can’t earn a salary
Indie Shield – If one dies, it will settle his debts
Indie Assist – If one dies, it will provide his best peeps a monthly income
Indie Restart – If one is disabled, it will help him start over
Indie Finale – If one dies, it will give him a proper send-off & settle estate duty
Indie Overcome – If one gets cancer, it will help him conquer it


Wait, there’s more. When one becomes an Indie client, the company invests his-slash-her money into a personal Bounty, a cash-money invested on one’s behalf, so it will grow with the market. Also, the customer gets a ‘CashDrop’ every 60 premiums paid, with the option to withdraw it or leave it invested. At the age of 70, the full Bounty gets paid to the policyholder 💰.


Bottom Line: designed for the mobile generation, and backed by Sanlam .