Why Chatbots Are The Future Of Health Insurance Exchange Customer Service


People have always had mixed feelings about digital assistants, ever since the paperclip known as Clippy debuted in early versions of Microsoft Office.


Clippy may have been useful or amusing to new users, but his constant interruptions (and the fact that many users felt he was “leering” at them) doomed him to the recycle bin of digital history.


Obviously, digital assistants have come a long way, and most of us have come to accept the presence – and the help – of Alexa, Siri or Google in our lives.


It’s easy to dismiss modern chatbots as simply new, less annoying incarnations of Clippy – but in reality, chatbots are today’s super digital assistants, and will be the future of customer service in most industries, including health insurance.


Chatbots, like Casey the Candor Insurance Bot™, are not scripted text generators with limited memory. Just like Siri or Alexa, Casey™ utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning.


These capabilities allow Casey the Candor Insurance Bot™ to recognize speech patterns, geographic locations, and more, to understand what a human asks & to then provide an accurate answer. The longer Casey the Candor Insurance Bot™ is in service, the more the bot learns and the better (and faster) the responses become.


Casey™ doesn’t just answer questions: From the context of comments she quickly determines whether an automated response will help; if not, she decides which department or person an issue should be sent to and whether a problem is critical or time-sensitive.


Just as helpful, all chat history is saved for a human to “catch up on” (if necessary).


That’s a lot more convenient & satisfying than an automated customer service voice mail system that drones on & on with special offers, – and telling your story several times to several different humans who eventually answer your call.


Chatbots are the future of HIX™
Casey the Candor Insurance Bot™ is a great example of how chatbots streamline & simplify customer experience.


Casey™ guides Individuals, Families & Small Businesses through the entire process of selecting & enrolling in a health insurance plan. Casey™ makes policy changes & renewals effortless. She refers you to a human when appropriate, and she’s available to handle support questions & problems around the clock, seven days a week.


Casey™ also saves Insurance Agents and Insurance Providers hundreds-of-thousands of dollars every year by guiding customers through the entire health insurance enrollment process without the need for human oversight.


Everyone wins – and Casey is undoubtedly the first chatbot to democratize health insurance.

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