Word with Atheer CEO

“Our pilot projects could lead to large enterprise deployments in the next one to two years” – Atheer CEO Alberto Torres is focusing its AR HMD, aka Augmented Reality Head Mounted Display, exclusively on medical, insurance, warehousing, oil and gas, utilities, aerospace and manufacturing enterprise clients. Envision: 3D smart glasses that allow the wearer to see critical work information right in their field-of-view and then interact with it using familiar gestures, voice commands, and motion tracking. Bottom Line: Zurich’s a partner.

Here’s a refresher on VR vs. AR:

Virtual Reality = 75% Virtual + 25% Real.

Augmented Reality = 25% Virtual + 75% Real.

Think: Pokémon Go (the game) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (the movie). In other words, the difference between a ‘virtual’ and a ‘real world’ container. Off On a Tangent: Canadian-slash-British-slash-Oscar-winner Richard Williams, who directed Who Framed Roger Rabbit, knows a thing or two about performance bonds. The animator never got a chance to complete his work on The Thief and the Cobbler since the completion bond company assumed control over the film in 1992 fearing competition from Disney’s Aladdin.