WTW launches CyProtect Bermuda

WTW announced the launch of CyProtect Bermuda, a cyber insurance product designed and tailored to be a comprehensive solution for financial, professional, and executive risks. It is suitable for large enterprises operating in the Bermuda market.

This new cyber insurance product features a streamlined slip format, making it easier to understand and manage. The product includes coverage for punitive damages, a benefit specifically tailored to meet the needs of the Bermuda market. Additionally, WTW’s in-house administration services ensure a cost-effective and efficient management of the policy. The product also offers enhanced clarity by incorporating specific details about arbitration and legal jurisdiction. Plus, there’s an option to add extra coverage to protect against potential regulatory fines and penalties. This comprehensive approach is designed to offer businesses in Bermuda a clear and effective solution for their cyber insurance needs.

“CyProtect Bermuda embodies a robust safeguard for our clients, reinforcing our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for cyber insurance. This innovative solution is meticulously crafted to fortify enterprises against evolving cyber threats, offering a tailored defense finely attuned to the unique attributes of the Bermuda insurance marketplace.” – Tommy Edwards, Head of Cyber, FINEX, Bermuda, WTW.