Xapix Raises $2M

San Francisco-based connected vehicle company Xapix has raised $2m in seed funding led by Speedinvest, with participation from Anthemis and angel investor Felix Staeritz.

Founded in 2016 in Berlin, and headquartered in San Francisco, Xapix’s data orchestration software is a simple drag-and-drop interface that abstracts the direct interaction between systems. The platform provides a flexible solution that can be used for internal purposes or joint efforts with other organizations. With Xapix, companies can aggregate and present data from multiple end-points into a single internal model accessible to all departments through one coherent channel, which helps with seeing the big picture in a clear way.

“We believe that the challenges for mobility companies associated with connecting data and working with 3rd parties will continue to rise, primarily driven by a massive growth of diverse data sources. Xapix is solving exactly this pain-point: deploying an easy to use tool that allows clients to orchestrate their data and communicate with their clients through one voice. We are convinced that Christian and Oliver are the right team to tackle this problem given their extensive experience in API management for mobility. So we are more than happy to become part of this journey.” – Principal, Speedinvest, Andreas Schwarzenbrunner.

“We invested in Xapix because the company will have a great impact as autonomous vehicles and fleets hit the roadways at scale. From connecting autonomous vehicles to a variety of services, including insurance, to managing complex fleets, interoperability and API orchestration is essential to an autonomous future – and we believe Xapix will play a vital role in this.” – Managing Director at Anthemis, Ruth Foxe Blader.

“We have already deployed our technology to orchestrate data from hundreds of thousands of vehicles and sit at the table with giants in the automotive industry like Daimler FleetBoard and BMW. It is extremely exciting to build on this great foundation with our investors and bring Xapix to the next level.” – Cofounder and CEO of Xapix, Christian Umbach.

“In 2019 we will further expand in the mobility space and start covering adjacent verticals such as Insurtech, another key industry suffering extraordinarily from legacy systems and data silos. We are excited to further optimise our beautiful user interface as a power tool for anyone with Excel skills, not just developers. Our goal is to reduce implementation time for such IT projects by factor 10.” – Cofounder and CTO of Xapix, Oliver Thamm.