Xcelerate Auto expands XCare to Include EV drive batteries and units

Xcelerate Auto , in partnership with Endurance Dealer Services and AmTrust Financial , has expanded its XCare vehicle service contracts to include coverage for electric vehicle (EV) drive batteries and drive units.

The XCare EV extended warranty was initially launched four years ago and has been designed specifically for EVs. The expanded coverage includes drive battery and drive unit protection, catering to the needs of the growing EV community.

“Since launching XCare, we have taken large amounts of feedback from customers to enhance our newer and improved warranty options. In 2023, the total amount of electric vehicles that will be offered will double; therefore, we have to increase the number of vehicles that fall under the eligibility of XCare. Our mission is to further drive EV adoption while adding value to the growing, yet aging, EV population for years to come.” – Xcelerate Auto’s COO, Milad Davoodi.

“Since the beginning years of Tesla, we have helped to create products and services that accelerate the mass adoption of EV ownership. XCare was a natural progression from where we started, and proud to include the battery and drive unit as part of our extensive EV coverage.” – Xcelerate Auto’s CEO, KJ Gimbel.

XCare coverage is now available for EVs up to 10 years old or 125,000 miles, including battery and drive unit protection for EVs under 7 years old or 100,000 miles at the time of contract purchase.

XCare vehicle service contracts also offer various consumer benefits such as 24/7 roadside assistance, towing, trip interruption, rental car reimbursement, and commercial coverage.

Founded in 2014, Xcelerate provides financing, leasing and warranty products for the Battery Electric Vehicle industry for both the private and public sectors.