Yolo Launches On-Demand Pet Insurance

In collaboration with Sara Assicurazioni, digital insurance startup Yolo has launched Yolo MiFido, new on-demand pet insurance designed for the 14.5m cats and dogs in Italy.

The new insurance product allows pet owners to pay on a monthly basis, with the option to turn coverage on or off via the Yolo website and app. The coverage reimburses pet owners for surgeries, funeral expenses, search costs in case of a lost pet, and medical treatment-related and non-related to accident or illness.

“Thanks to the partnership with Yolo, once again Sara chooses the path of innovation to respond to customer needs and make the insured customer experience better.” – General Manager of Sara Assicurazioni, Alberto Tosti.

“Today we present the first innovative solution resulting from this important partnership that allows us to expand our offer in a high potential sector.” – Co-founder and CEO of Yolo Group, Gianluca De Cobelli.

This follows the announcement from the last month of a new on-demand insurance platform by Yolo and Banca IFIS.