Zendrive partners with Autio

Zendrive announced its partnership with Autio, a location-based audio entertainment app that delivers travelers stories about the places they’re driving through.

As part of the partnership, Autio users will be able to opt into Autio Drive & Save, which is powered by Zendrive, using the Autio app.

Upon completing the test drive, Autio customers that meet the qualification criteria “immediately qualify for an exclusive discount from Zendrive’s top-tier auto insurers partners.” They’ll also get access to a free 1-year subscription to Autio, which typically costs $35.99.

The program will launch in the near future.

“We’re excited to join forces with Autio, an innovative and unique app that keeps drivers entertained with fascinating stories, while Zendrive helps them stay safe and pay less for auto insurance. With Autio by our side, we’re on track to significantly enhance the overall driver experience in the US.” – Dennis Ellis, president of Zendrive.

“Our mission at Autio is to deliver unique and entertaining stories for travelers, no matter where they are. With that, we always want to ensure that drivers are safe while enjoying and learning about their surroundings. Zendrive will help encourage safe driving with great rewards. We’re looking forward to the reaction from our users but know this will only add to their experience.” – Woody Sears, co-founder and CEO of Autio.