Zurich introduces Zurich Taboo Cube

Zurich Italy has launched Zurich Taboo Cube, an integrated protection plan for safeguarding the economic stability of the family. The solution includes 3 fundamental protections (serious illnesses, loss of self-sufficiency, death) in a single plan, which can always be activated independently according to the life stages of the insured and his family. In fact, it is possible to choose one, two or all three solutions, at the same time or at different times.

  • Serious disease: It offers financial support that can allow access to the best care in the case of diagnosis of serious diseases – such as, for example, cerebral stroke, myocardial infarction, cancer – without the need to produce hospitalization documents or to incur medical expenses.
  • Loss of self-sufficiency (long term care): A protection for life which, in the event of loss of self-sufficiency, provides for a monthly life annuity and initial capital to cover the first necessary expenses, such as, for example, the adaptation of home.
  • Temporary case death:  A lump sum in case of premature death for the people you love. And, if you choose an annual premium rate and constant capital, you can purchase two additional options: Total Permanent Disability and Death from injury or road accident

“The uncertainty generated by the situation we are experiencing has accentuated the sense of precariousness and concern, in particular for all aspects concerning the safety and health of the person. The change taking place represents an opportunity and at the same time a challenge for the entire insurance sector which must be able to respond adequately to the new needs of society.” – CEO of Zurich Investment Life, Dario Moltrasio.

In addition, any solution chosen will include the Assistance guarantee, which includes a medical consultancy service, a dedicated care manager for technical-health information and an advance for basic necessities in case of urgency.