Zurich partners with Hutchison Telecommunications

Zurich Hong Kong is partnering with Hutchison Telecommunications to offer insurance products to customers of the telecom company.

In the initial phase, the collaboration will focus on the promotion of travel insurance, enabling customers to purchase coverage online and enjoy exclusive discounts.

As of 30 June 2023, Hutchison Telecommunications had around 3.4 million customers.

“In post-pandemic times, a simplified, digital-first purchasing journey has become imperative for insurance customers. We are delighted to work with HTHK and its new brand Domain5 to provide one-stop services for customers that bring together the best benefits and most comprehensive service in travel insurance and data roaming. At its core, this collaboration is about making travel easier and more hassle-free for all customers. Going forward, we will continue to explore more opportunities for joint promotions and offerings to meet customer needs – including the launch of other general insurance products.” – Jim Qin, CEO of General Insurance at Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong).

“Committed to transforming into a digital service provider in the 5G era, HTHK offers various types of digital lifestyle services and solutions to help individual and corporate customers embrace digital transformation. The dawn of our new service brand, Domain5, is dedicated to bringing the most suitable insurance products to customers. The collaboration with Zurich Hong Kong will bring exclusive benefits to customers while strengthening our position as a digital service provider. Meanwhile, Zurich Hong Kong can extend its customer reach with a convenient insurance platform, creating a win-win-win situation for all parties.” – Kenny Koo, executive director and CEO of Hutchison Telecommunications.