Achmea Joins Blockchain Initiative in the Mobility Sector

Achmea has joined the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), an international consortium of more than thirty car manufacturers and suppliers. Parties such as BMW, General Motors, Ford, Renault and Bosch recently set up MOBI to further develop blockchain for applications in the car and mobility sector.



The Idea – to use blockchain technology in the development of the infrastructure for self-driving and electric cars and the development of applications for car sharing.


Achmea is working with MOBI, the automotive industry, governments and non-profit organizations to work on the realization of a digital environment in which the users (both companies and consumers) can record safe journey data, arrange car and time-sharing transactions, and the characteristics and user information of the car. Structure the future of mobility Blockchain technology sends information through a network of independent computers (distributed ledger technology), with the aim of ensuring transactions are safe and ensuring the security of data, property rights and integrity.


According to Achmea and the other partners, blockchain technology can promote transparency and trust among users, reduce the risk of fraud and also reduce mobility problems.


Innovation in the field of mobility is relevant for our customers in various sectors . By joining MOBI, we have the opportunity to help shape the future of mobility. This will be based on input from many parties. Achmea believes that sharing knowledge through platforms is the best way to stimulate strategic innovation” – member of the Executive Board of Achmea, Robert Otto.


PS. Achmea is also a B3i member.