Centraal Beheer introduces a new mortgage product

Netherlands-based and Achmea -backed Centraal Beheer launched Leef Hypotheek, a mortgage product that serves customers with “suitable and sustainable housing solutions.”

“We already offer a whole range of solutions in this regard. From the Mortgage Academy, the solar panels to the DIY helper that is laying the final plinths. But of course also the term life insurance and home insurance. It goes without saying that mortgages are a very important part of this and we have great ambitions for this. That is why we are proud to launch our new Leef Hypotheek today, where we really looked at the wishes of today’s consumers. Such as automatically lower interest rates if the customer makes sufficient repayments, annual interest averaging and unlimited repayments from own resources. ” – Senior Manager Financial Services at Centraal Beheer, Angela Eijlander.