Achmea Joins the Mobility as a Service Alliance

Achmea is the first Dutch insurer to join the international alliance Mobility as a Service (MaaS). This public-private partnership is working on a sustainable transformation of mobility concepts. In addition, the consumer no longer invests in means of transport, but purchases mobility. Other partners of MaaS include the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and Siemens. 

MaaS’s motto is “You get what you want, when you want it”. With MaaS, public transport, sharing bicycles, taxis, electric shared cars, carpooling and all sorts of intermediate forms of mobility are seamlessly merged into an attractive system. A system that you reach, plan, order and pay with your smartphone.


Achmea is working on smart mobility solutions
The world around mobility is constantly changing. As a leading non-life insurer, Achmea plays a role in many of these changes. We join networks to work with partners on the future of (electrical) mobility. As part of the MaaS Alliance, we will, among other things, share our insurance knowledge with sector partners, universities and government institutions in the Netherlands and Europe.


Contributing to the mobility models of the future
“Mobility innovation is relevant to our customers in many areas. Participating in the MaaS Alliance offers us opportunities to contribute to the mobility models of the future. The future of mobility will be determined by input from many parties. Sharing data via platforms is the best way to strategically innovate with partners, which is why Achmea has already joined the international Smart e-Mobility program S4C, for example.” – Robert Otto, member of the Achmea Board of Directors.