Adam Riese counts 50,000 plus customers

Adam Riese , the digital brand of Wüstenrot & Wuerttembergische, is now counting over 50k customers, and three new product improvements. One. A bicycle coverage that covers the cost of buying a new bike when stolen, no matter where it was at the time of the theft, and allows the customer to determine the insured sum. Cost starts at €4 a year. Two. A glass enhancement that provides coverage for fixed elements such as glass doors, ceramic hobs or glass windows, which are not traditionally covered. Cost starts at €6 a year. Three. Coverage for flooding, backwater, earthquakes, landslides, snow pressure and avalanches. Cost starts at €6 a year.

“After less than 20 months of market presence, Adam Riese has firmly established himself in the hard-fought insurance market with well over 50,000 customers. Each new customer who finds the direct channel to Adam Riese, not only ensures personal best insurance coverage, but pushes with the conclusion of an increase in the donation pot by Adam Riese. The online donation platform “” supports projects in the fields of nutrition, education, health and the environment.”

Bottom Line: Fair, Flexible, Convenient and Good.