Adam Riese leverages AI to determine dog breed

After reporting that Adam Riese reached over 50,000 customers back in July 2019, we now report that the digital brand of Wüstenrot & Wuerttembergische has reached 100,000 customers.

Established in 2017,  Adam Riese offers private liability, commercial liability, legal protection, household items and dog owner liability insurance.

“We hit a nerve with Adam Riese. The offer is well received, as shown by the large number of customers and satisfied customers.” – Daniel Welzer, Managing Director of W&W Brandpool.

In March last year, it expanded to offer dog owner liability insurance and was the first insurance company to explicitly price dog breeds. Its online application offers an image recognition tool that can identify a dog’s breed group. Customers can upload a picture of their dog, to have the program assign the dog to one or more breed groups based on external characteristics. In return, customers may qualify for a discount as the premium to insure a dog of an unknown breed is higher.

Customers find their way to Adam Riese via platforms, directly via “” or through a broker.