American Express and Vitality launch new credit card

American Express and Vitality have partnered to launch an “innovative” new credit card that rewards Vitality members with cashback.

The card has a unique health and wellbeing focus, with the total amount of cashback available to members dependent on how physically active they are in a given month. To earn points, Vitality members track their activity on a compatible device, which then syncs with their Vitality app. Members earn points for activities such as completing 7,000 steps in a day, visiting the gym or taking part in a run. The cashback booster level depends on the amount of physical activity members complete. The more activity they record, the more cashback they can earn.

“We’re excited to launch this innovative new cashback Credit Card which rewards savvy, health conscious Cardmembers for making positive changes to their wellbeing. Our partnership with Vitality is an important example of how we’re backing customers with rewards and benefits that enhance their lifestyles.” – Stacey Sterbenz, Vice President, Marketing at American Express.

“Health and wellbeing sit at the very core of our business, and time and time again we have seen the power of incentives in driving positive behavior change around physical activity and making people healthier. Working with American Express, we are delighted to be introducing this Credit Card that uses this behavioral economic model and fuses it together with a person’s everyday spending, directly providing additional cashback linked to how active they are.” – Neville Koopowitz, CEO at Vitality.

The Vitality American Express Credit Card, which is now available, has no annual card fee and is open for applications from existing Vitality members with eligible policies.