Amica partners with HOVER and CoreLogic for underwriting inspections

San Francisco-based technology company that provides an end-to-end data platform for home improvement and property insurance professionals, HOVER , announced a partnership with national insurer Amica Insurance . Providing a complete data package through HOVER’s technology and integration through the CoreLogic Digital Hub Alliance, Amica claims to “dramatically” lower inspection costs and streamline workflows.

“Amica is highly regarded for their exceptional customer experience and we’re honored to further that position by helping homeowners save time and money associated with home inspections. Homeowners today prefer taking matters into their own hands and getting involved in the collaborative process, so we’re thrilled to partner with Amica to deliver a more hands-on and transparent experience.” – A.J. Altman, founder and CEO of HOVER.

HOVER’s data integration through the CoreLogic Digital Hub Alliance will allow Amica to decrease cycle times. The integration also allows homeowners to “DIY” their own inspections, eliminating the hassles, delays and COVID related safety concerns that come with scheduling a traditional home inspection. With a few snaps of their smartphone camera, homeowners can share the inspection data that is needed directly with Amica as part of the underwriting process. In return, the policyholder receives an interactive 3D model of their home.

“The CoreLogic Digital Hub Alliance enables InsurTech offerings like HOVER to seamlessly integrate new technology within CoreLogic workflow platforms with just the flip of a switch – allowing companies like Amica to take full advantage of an automated and streamlined workflow.” – Rose Hancock, principal, technical product consultation at CoreLogic.

“Partnering with HOVER has helped us offer our customers a self-inspection option that gives them peace of mind and convenience while still providing us the information needed to underwrite property risks. We are excited to have the ability to access detailed property information without disrupting workflow or changing existing underwriting guidelines so we can make more accurate policy decisions when assessing a property’s condition.” – T. Bryan Cook, Senior Assistant Vice President at Amica.