Baloise introduces MaaS platform in Belgium

Assistance company Europ Assistance Belgium and Baloise-backed, usage-based insurance brand Mobly have jointly launched a mobility platform called Moveasy. The program is intended for employers to offer employees a mobility budget to choose an alternative means of transportation such as electric scooters, bicycles, and taxis. The benefit, according to the creators of this app, is that users enjoy the convenience of dealing with one app that provides access to over 20 mobility providers across Belgium.

“Moveasy is a joint venture between Mobly a young start-up backed by Baloise insurance and focusing on digital mobility solutions and Europ Assistance, the market leader in travel insurance and mobility. This combined expertise has made Moveasy the most innovative MaaS platform on the Belgian market.”

Here’s how it works: once a user activates his mobility budget, the app will present the user with available mobility solutions in his area. Some providers are integrated with Moveasy and the amount will be debited from the user’s mobility budget. In other cases, the user will have to purchase the ticket directly to later request a refund.


“Moveasy meets the demand for a diverse range of options for getting around. Are you going out for dinner or aperitifs with friends? Then you simply choose public transport. Is the weather nice outside? Then you take a scooter or bicycle. Do you have to lug around a bit or is a slightly less mobile family member traveling with you? Then a taxi is the ideal solution. Moveasy offers all these different means of transport on one platform.” – Hans De Mondt, CEO at Mobly.

Founded in 2017, Mobly is a team of approximately 23 people. It launched with a pay-per-kilometer car insurance program in 2019, to address the declining number of kilometers driven per car thanks to last-mile transportation solutions such as e-bikes and scooters. Coverage is underwritten by Baloise with roadside assistance provided by Europ Assistance Belgium.

Bottom Line: there are over 100 programs, brands, and/or legal entities launched by incumbents as of 2014.