Banx live in Belgium

Banx , a fully digital, Belgian banking experience launched by telecom company Proximus and banking and insurance group Belfius is now available in Belgium.

The banking app allows users to monitor the impact of their purchases on the planet with the aim of bringing together environmentally conscious consumers and local partners to make sustainable banking accessible to all. Banx blends high-tech and sustainable components across the entire user experience; from using simple bank cards made of recycled plastic to having prospects turn to customers with an eID in less than 5 minutes.

“The digital evolution changes our way of life: everything is immediately available, ordered today, delivered tomorrow. Banx wants to challenge this. 100% digital by nature, Banx fits perfectly within Proximus’ #inspire2022 strategy, to make innovative solutions and digital experiences easily accessible to every Belgian consumer.” – Tom Discart, Banx lead at Proximus .

“Banx is a banking app that counts in euros, but also in CO2.”

Sounds familiar? It should.

Bottom Line: Zurich’s Planet Hero comes to mind. The app is available in Germany and offers tips around sustainability and climate change and encourages users to become ‘planet heroes’ by collecting ‘motivation points’ for their environmentally friendly initiatives.