BMW, Ford and Honda to create ChargeScape to optimize EV grid services

BMW Group , Ford Motor Company and Honda Motor have joined forces to create ChargeScape, a new venture that will simplify the connection between electric car owners, utilities, and carmakers in the US and Canada. This platform will benefit both the electric vehicle (EV) users and the utility sector. It aims to tap into the potential of EVs to provide benefits to the power grid, allowing EV owners to earn from optimized charging schedules and the ability to share stored energy back to the grid.

Thanks to previous collaborative efforts known as OVGIP, ChargeScape will ensure that electric utilities can easily interact with all EV brands without multiple individual setups. This means that utilities can access the energy in EV batteries more broadly. By participating, EV users can get financial rewards for charging during off-peak hours and even share their stored battery energy with the grid at high-demand times.

ChargeScape’s vision is to smartly utilize the power in plugged-in EVs. It will securely share energy data with utilities, allowing them to better manage power demand, promote off-peak charging, and optimize the use of renewable energy sources. Given its close ties with major automakers and the expected high signup rate among EV owners, the platform will offer cost-effective energy solutions for utilities.

As electric car sales surge, the strain on power grids increases. ChargeScape intends to help manage this demand and pave the way for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, benefiting both EV owners and power companies. The platform also aims to lessen the carbon impact of EVs by promoting the use of greener energy like wind or solar for charging. However, EV users will always have the final say on their energy choices.