Ford expands access to BlueCruise

Ford Motor Company is changing how they offer their hands-free highway driving technology called BlueCruise.

The company is making it easier for customers by including the necessary hardware in all their vehicles. This means customers can now decide when they want to use BlueCruise after buying the vehicle – they can activate it when they purchase the vehicle, yearly, or monthly. They can also try it out for free for 90 days before deciding.

In 2024, Ford plans to put BlueCruise hardware in 500,000 vehicles in North America, including electric and gas-powered ones. This way, more people can experience the convenience and comfort of BlueCruise while having the flexibility to choose when and how often they use it.

“BlueCruise is an experience-it-to-believe-it technology, and people are amazed at how BlueCruise can help make driving less stressful and more enjoyable – especially in traffic or on long drives. We believe in this technology and how it can help transform the highway driving experience and want to give more customers the opportunity to try it and provide flexibility for them to activate it when they want to use it.” – Ashley Lambrix, Head of Commercial Acceleration – Ford Model e.