Bundelz – now inactive

“In line with our strategic focus to become more digital, we introduced several new concepts and services, for example ‘Bundelz’, ‘Gappie’ and ‘Brickler’”

– NN, 2017 Annual Review.

In November 2021, Bundelz stopped accepting new customers. “The fact that Bundelz stops means that your car insurance also stops. You will receive an e-mail from us at the end of November about the termination of your insurance.”

As background, Bundelz was launched in 2017 by NN to offer a prepaid car insurance scheme for 1,000 kilometers at a time. Aside from its positioning of fairer, cheaper car insurance, its app included a ‘find my car’ feature-slash-perk.

When it came to its distribution plan, two things stood out: – it promoted insurance through Tango, a gas station network in the Netherlands, and through OHRA, another insurance subsidiary of NN, that would redirect car insurance shoppers to Bundelz. It’s worth noting that OHRA still sells pre-paid auto insurance, just not under the Bundelz name.

The concept, by the way, was developed by Sparklab, the innovation lab of NN.

The LinkedIn profile of Michael Salmagne offers additional context: “

Bottom Line: Bundelz (pre-paid car insurance), Gappie (temporary car insurance), and Brickler (home-selling service) are no longer in operation as individual units/brands.