Carpe Data Announces $6.6M in Series A

CA-based Carpe Data, the one-stop shop for all-things data and insurance, announced that it has raised $6.6 million in a Series A round led by Aquiline Technology Growth (ATG) ; the insurtech-slash-fintech investment arm of Aquiline Capital Partners. A spin-off of Social Intelligence, Carpe Data serves insurers with predictive data products and tools across personal and commercial lines of business that enable them to broaden and accelerate new product development. Think: a ‘Home Connect’ dashboard that consolidates data from devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), an ‘Application Accuracy Score’ to detect discrepancies in insurance applications, a ‘Lead Qualification Score’ to allow insurers to segment risk. And more. “Carpe Data’s offering is well-timed to meet the growing interest in real time, web and social data to assist in the underwriting and claims process, among other areas” –  Max Chee of ATG. “Our transformational data products are the future of insurtech, enabling carriers to assess risk with an entirely new lens” – Max Drucker of Carpe Data. Bottom Line: Max and Max score the ‘unscorable‘.

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