Catch launches free personal payroll for freelancers

Catch announced the launch of free automated income tax routing.

Now with Catch, self-employed people can automatically route their income — for free — setting aside for taxes, retirement, and savings, while getting access to health insurance.

“The future of work is here and it is being your own employer — in charge of when, where, and how you work. More and more people are moving towards value and passion-based work. The new brand visually reflects the evolution of Catch, but also the evolution of work itself.” – Kristen Anderson, co-founder, and CEO of Catch.

“At Catch, we are building for a different world of work, where you do not need to be dependent on an employer to receive access to essential financial services. We are creating a true financial safety net, securing the future for those who follow their passion.” – Andrew Ambrosino, co-founder and CPO/CTO of Catch.

The company also introduced a new brand identity.